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octicon People First

Oticon comes from humble beginnings. In fact, the company was born in 1904, out of its founder’s passion for helping his wife with hearing impairments live a full and enjoyable life. Since its inception way back in the early 1900s, Oticon has employed a “people first” promise. The company aims to put the people they serve at the forefront of all that they do.

Oticon hearing aids are able to “learn from” and intuitively adapt to your individual needs and unique lifestyle. The technology uses information from your other devices as well as your wearing habits to intuitively and instantly adjust to perfectly match your needs - in any environment.

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Phonak Life Is On

Phonak was founded in 1947 and they have made significant contributions to the hearing solutions landscape since that time. In 1996, they debuted the world’s smallest receiver and integrated Bluetooth as early as 2003. 

They are led by a philosophy that goes beyond hearing and acknowledges that healthy hearing is central to a greater quality of life and enhances emotional, physical, and cognitive health. They offer the only completely invisible hearing aid (Lyric) and offer a wide range of wireless accessories to support their hearing aids.

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Widex High Definition Hearing

A relative newcomer having formed in 1956 in Denmark, Widex embraces next-generation values like sustainability, so that consumers have an option to make an eco-responsible choice. Their decisions and strategy take their environmental footprint into account, from production to the packaging that ends up right in your home. They are committed to corporate social responsibility and are fully CO2 neutral.

Like others on our manufacturer list, Widex easily integrates Bluetooth technology, supportive apps, and rechargeable batteries into its accessible line. They’re known for their high quality and natural sound.

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Signia Life Sounds Brilliant

Formerly known as Siemens, Signia has been a leader in the hearing solution industry for over 100 years. They are one of the most historied brands still producing hearing aids and have led the market for much of that time. Notably, they were among the first to produce a line of hearing aids and the first to use wireless ear-to-ear connectivity.  

They offer a wide range of hearing solutions that integrate with Bluetooth technology, rechargeable batteries are an option and they utilize apps to support your hearing experience. For the savvy listener, more expensive models are equipped with Dolby Sound. 

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A Canadian company, Unitron distances itself from the competition with its features which reduce background noise and promote ease of listening in noisy environments. They have also been noted for working closely with hearing professionals and placing a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction through advanced fitting practices. 

Having been in operation since 1964, the company has always had a focus on products and features that improve the lives of its users. Unitron developed a solid reputation in the 1980s for its powerful analog BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids for those with more severe hearing loss. 

As we enter the age of digital hearing aids, there is more of an emphasis on the correct fitting software and programming practices, and this is where Unitron really excels. Their ‘Flex’ program lets users try out hearing aids for their unique type and level of hearing loss, further increasing the rates of user satisfaction.

ReSound GN

Entering the hearing loss solution market in 1943, Resound has a proven record as an industry leader. They offer digital hearing aids, Bluetooth technology, and apps to support your hearing aid use and hearing health. Resound is led by innovation and offers a wide range of hearing aid styles.

Their guiding philosophy centers around organic hearing solutions that mimic the way our brains naturally perceive sound. This way, the brain doesn’t have to work as hard to learn new ways of listening and we can adapt quickly to a natural enhancement of the audible world around us.

Better Hearing IS Better Living!
Better Hearing IS Better Living!
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